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About Us

Bro Arwystli is a Ministry Areas within the Diocese of Bangor made up of seven churches under a Team Vicar, supported by a Ministry Team. Our churches are part of a larger grouping of Anglican churches known as the South Meirionydd Archdeaconry.

The Ministry Area covers the central part of the county of Powys, and takes its name from the ancient medieval kingdom of Arwystli, situated in the very heart of Wales. Today, it includes many of the most beautiful towns and villages in the area - including Llanidloes, Llandinam, Trefeglwys, Caersws, Llanwnog, Carno, Llangurig and Penstrowed. Arwystli is a rural area, predominately based around farming and tourism, and the Welsh way of life is highly valued. Although much of Arwystli is not Welsh speaking, the language is taught in the schools and the Welsh identity and culture is important to people.

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We will be updating the site on a regular basis, so please come back to see what is new. Or let us know what you would like to see.